Today I've completed the MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course) with Jo Christa Taylor at the Bridge Centre, Mickleover. This has been a wonderful experience, relaxing, informative and empowering. 

If you're feeling stressed with life or just want a better way to cope with the daily stresses of life I wholeheartedly recommend this course. Over time I feel blessed to have experienced some amazing meditation teachers and Jo is certainly one of them.

Namaste Jo.

Elaine, Derby

Three years ago my life changed forever when I had my first episode of depression and anxiety.  At that time I didn't know what to do as I had never experienced anything like it before, so I turned to the medical profession for help and was promptly put on antidepressants.

Fantastic I hear you say, good response from the doctor and I would have to agree, however due to the state of the national health services funding this is pretty much all they can do for you.

Three years on and around Christmas time I do down the slippery slop again. Recognising this my wonderful wife found an advert at our local alternative therapy clinic for a mindfulness course and signed me up.

Having had a brief chat to the nice lady running the course I entered the room for the first time with some apprehension. Since that day I have never looked back it is without doubt the best thing I have done. I have now learnt some brilliant techniques to help me be the person I should be and to aleviate my anxiety.

I would recommend that if you like me find yourself lost and not able to cope with the rigorous of life you give it a go and if you live in the Derby area then give Jo Christa Taylor a ring as she is simply wonderful.

Thanks Jo for helping me to be me again.

Phil, Derby

Just wanted to say a big thank you for last Sunday. I got so much benefit from it - a total mind declutter. As I said ,I could barely string a sentence together by the end of the day !! in the best possible way....I slept so deeply for the next few days.
I didn't fully realise how much I'd benefited till the next day, when I had the brain power to process . I pretty regularly do 40-minutes mindfulness but it doesn't compare to a whole day of being freed of the need to talk yet being in comfortable companionship, to be mindful for a whole day.

Marilyn, Derbyshire

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the last 8-weeks. I wasn't sure what my expectations were on starting the 8-week course, but I am sure that your informed teaching and practices; calm and thoughtful guidance, has way exceeded what I could have hoped for.

I always knew I should be kinder to myself, but I never knew how..........its only taken 60-years but I think I finally understand I need to recognise and accept my thoughts and emotions! I certainly aim to carry on with my practice and will always hear your beautiful voice asking "can I be with this, just as it is?"

I've especially enjoyed your analogies such as "what is the weather like in there", "your monkey mind" and "learning to surf". I know think it is lovely to give myself this 'gift' of Meditation.

Hearing about the neuroscience and and evolutionary biology based evidence has also helped my questioning mind and I LOVE the poems you have given us - reading them will always be a source of comfort to me.

Thank you so much Jo, You are a STAR!

Jan, Derbyshire