Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the last 8-weeks. I wasn't sure what my expectations were on starting the 8-week course, but I am sure that your informed teaching and practices; calm and thoughtful guidance, has way exceeded what I could have hoped for.

I always knew I should be kinder to myself, but I never knew how..........its only taken 60-years but I think I finally understand I need to recognise and accept my thoughts and emotions! I certainly aim to carry on with my practice and will always hear your beautiful voice asking "can I be with this, just as it is?"

I've especially enjoyed your analogies such as "what is the weather like in there", "your monkey mind" and "learning to surf". I know think it is lovely to give myself this 'gift' of Meditation.

Hearing about the neuroscience and and evolutionary biology based evidence has also helped my questioning mind and I LOVE the poems you have given us - reading them will always be a source of comfort to me.

Thank you so much Jo, You are a STAR!

Jan, Derbyshire