21-Day Online Mindfulness Programme

You can begin to understand Mindfulness for yourself and build a Meditation practice with this 21-Day Online Mindfulness Programme. It is also a way or finding your way back into a routine of daily practice if, for example you completed an 8-week Mindfulness Course but have not managed to sustain a daily practice, or any practice...........

It is easy to access and gives you tools and techniques for managing anxiety and overwhelm that will be with you long after you have finished the programme.

At the start of each week you will be provided with a meditation practice that I have recorded (a 10-minute practice for week one, a 20-minute practice for week two and a 30-minute practice for week three) as well as breathing practices (for calming the nervous system) and short Mindfulness practices/teachings. These will be delivered to you via Whatsapp or email if you prefer as Dropbox files for you to access on your phone, tablet or laptop. Support is available via WhatsApp or email  for the duration of the programme.

The investment for the programme is £45.00 (works out at £15.00 a week) which is payable in advance via bank transfer or credit or debit card.

If you feel you would like something that involves more time/connection with me then we can construct a bespoke programme for you using Zoom for the 1-2-1 element and negotiate a price that works for both of us.

Just get in  touch and we can make a plan.



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