Calmer Life Workshops (incorporating Introduction to Mindfulness)

calmer life

I have a particular interest in what is happening in our bodies and brains when we experience stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Why we experience it and what we can do for ourselves in order to manage it and to learn to self-regulate more efficiently. I love to share this information in a way that is easy to understand, and believe that if we can understand why we suffer and how it is not our fault, then that is an important first step towards being able to create the calmer life we deserve. Mindfulness has much to offer us in this respect.

There are good reasons why we experience anxiety in terms of our evolution, our physiology and in particular our brains. Not to mention the stresses and strains of our modern western lives.

My intention is to demystify Mindfulness for you and to share techniques with you that can help you manage stress, anxiety and low mood. Also for you to experience guided Meditation and understand the benefits of Meditation.

The investment for these workshops is £25.00 which is payable in advance. You can contact me to arrange to pay by bank transfer or use this link to pay by card.

These workshops are also ideal if you are considering doing an 8-week Mindfulness Course with me and would like experience my teaching style before making that commitment.

Workshops can be run within workplaces so if you are an employer who thinks this might be beneficial for your team then do please get in touch.

The British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA) holds a list of Mindfulness teachers who meet best practice guidelines for teaching Mindfulness. My name is on that list if you are looking for a Derbyshire based teacher.


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