• Beginners Running Course
    Beginners Running After a break of a year I am returning to Coaching Beginner Running. I am an experienced running coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher and I have coached over 250 beginner runners over the last 8-years. I am a great believer in the magic of running. For mental as well as physical fitness reasons. But I appreciate that taking 
  • Calmer Life Workshops (incorporating Introduction to Mindfulness)
    I have a particular interest in what is happening in our bodies and brains when we experience stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Why we experience it and what we can do for ourselves in order to manage it and to learn to self-regulate more efficiently. I love to share this information in a way that is easy to understand, and believe 
  • 8-week Mindfulness Courses (MBCT)
    Mindfulness is growing in popularity in the UK now and for good reason. There is much evidence to support the fact that practicing Mindfulness can reduce the stress and anxiety and help prevent depression. In short it can help us to lead calmer, happier and more self-aware lives. This course is for people who are ready to make a commitment 
  • Mindfulness Meditation Classes & Retreats
      A  Mindfulness Meditation Class for people who want to experience the magic of Mindfulness Meditation for themselves. Or for those who have taken part in the 8-week Mindfulness Course and/or people who are wanting some support with establishing and maintaining a home meditation practice. These classes cost £10.00 and run on the first and third Friday of every month 
  • Mindful Movement Yoga
    Mindful Movement Yoga with Jo aka Joga! How do you feel about your body?  Do you enjoy as full a range of movement and strength as you would like?  How about your mind? Is it calm and focused? I am a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher and have found a way of working with people in my classes that helps them