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Jo Christa Taylor

Resilience Coaching with Jo Christa Taylor

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

Sometimes we lose our sense of who we are and of what we want to stand for in this world. This can happen following a major life event like retirement or the loss of a loved one or when our children leave home. It can also just happen gradually over time and for no particular reason. But when it does we may just need a little support to get back on track.

So if it is that you need help to find your way back to a firmer sense of who you are and to make a plan to get you back on track then I may be the woman for you?

I have a particular interest in supporting people to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm and this can be done through a coaching method that combines talking and listening with movement and breathwork so that you can learn techniques that will help you to come to a firmer, calmer place within yourself.

This is what a recent client had to say about a Coaching session with me:

"Jo helped me to challenge some of my thoughts and face some of my emotions to get me into a position to consider my options for the future. Jo has great capacity to listen deeply and reflect and ask all the right questions and all on a lovely walk. I would definitely recommend Jo for Coaching."  Sara

My hourly rate for Coaching is £45.oo face to face or via Skype with an introductory offer of £76.00 for an initial 2-hour session. Subsequent sessions can be bought in blocks of four for £160 (brings hourly rate to £40) or blocks of six for £210 (brings hourly rate to £35).

Sessions can include 1-2-1 Yoga if felt to be appropriate and useful and can take place whilst walking in nature.