Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the last 8-weeks. I wasn't sure what my expectations were on starting the 8-week course, but I am sure that your informed teaching and practices; calm and thoughtful guidance, has way exceeded what I could have hoped for.

I always knew I should be kinder to myself, but I never knew how..........its only taken 60-years but I think I finally understand I need to recognise and accept my thoughts and emotions! I certainly aim to carry on with my practice and will always hear your beautiful voice asking "can I be with this, just as it is?"

I've especially enjoyed your analogies such as "what is the weather like in there", "your monkey mind" and "learning to surf". I know think it is lovely to give myself this 'gift' of Meditation.

Hearing about the neuroscience and and evolutionary biology based evidence has also helped my questioning mind and I LOVE the poems you have given us - reading them will always be a source of comfort to me.

Thank you so much Jo, You are a STAR!

Jan, Derbyshire

The timing of this course was perfect for me. I had been in receipt of counselling so this was the icing on the cake. It put me back where I needed to be, mindfully. For example, I had been experiencing periods of anxiety during the night, now I have the strategies to defuse this and return to rest. Being a practicing Buddhist, it built on my already established meditation practice, and actually enhanced it. My awareness during meditation had been developing over the past 2 years, but acquiring a mindfulness practice as well has taken me to another level.

I appreciated the peace and stillness which Jo created within each session. She created a womb-like space for each of us to explore what was going on within ourselves. I did feel at times that I would have liked more time for us to discuss our home practices, but on reflection, that would have taken time from the session, and possibly changed the energy of the space.

I would definitely recommend this course to others and have done so. Thank you Jo for providing me with the skills and tools so that I can move bravely into the next phase of my life. I have already started filling that me-shaped hole!

Sue, Derbyshire

Thanks for the mindfulness course I really enjoyed coming. I certainly feel much less stressed and in a better place mentally than I did at the start of course. I also feel that I now have a lot of useful tools to use when the going gets tough.

Caroline, Derbyshire

It is thanks to you, Mindfulness and my new fitness regime that I’m ready to return to work - calmer and stronger. You’ve played a big part in my recovery. Wednesday afternoons have been my sanctuary and I shall miss you muchly! I will be practicing Mindfulness everyday from here on in ....... it’s my new way of life ........ for the better. You have an amazing ability to put people at ease. Thank you!


Jo, Derby