Mindfulness Meditation Classes & Retreats


A  Mindfulness Meditation Class for people who want to experience the magic of Mindfulness Meditation for themselves. Or for those who have taken part in the 8-week Mindfulness Course and/or people who are wanting some support with establishing and maintaining a home meditation practice. These classes run on the first and third Friday of every month between 7.30 and 8.45 p.m. in the studio at The Bridge Centre for Natural Health in Mickleover.  The Studio is a beautifully relaxing space in which to find some peace in a frantic world.

To book a place on a Mindfulness Meditation Class follow this link or visit the bookings page on this website.

Caterpillar Dreams also offers a Facebook Support Group for all clients who take part in the 'Introduction to Mindfulness' Workshops, 8-week Courses and Meditation Group. If you would like to join this group get in touch via this website.

Mindfulness Retreats with Caterpillar Dreams


Mindfulness teacher Jo Christa Taylor, aka The Mindfulness Fairy, currently offers half and full day Silent Mindfulness Meditation Retreats in Derbyshire

These retreats are fully guided and can be enjoyed as stand alone events or to support your existing Mindfulness Meditation practices. No experience required although they are a perfect opportunity for people who have completed an 8-week Mindfulness Course to reconnect with Mindfulness.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for last Sunday. I got so much benefit from it - a total mind de clutter. As I said ,I could barely string a sentence together by the end of the day !! in the best possible way. I slept so deeply for the next few days. I didn't fully realise how much I'd benefited till the next day, when I had the brain power to process . I pretty regularly do 40-minutes mindfulness but it doesn't compare to a whole day of being freed of the need to talk yet being in comfortable companionship, to be mindful for a whole day.”

The next full day silent retreat will be held on Sunday 24th June at The Bridge Centre for Natural Health in Mickleover.

More information will be available soon but please do get in touch to register your interest.


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