Your Mind is a Monkey: Why Meditation is a Practice

One of the things I enjoy most about running ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ workshops is the way people engage with the subject. I get asked lots of fantastic questions and when we meditate together we soon get to the heart of the matter. People soon open up about how busy their minds are and how overwhelmingly…
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Heart Rate Variability and Resilience

A video from me where I explain what Heart Rate Variability is and how improving it can significantly improve our health and well being and our resilience to the stresses and strains of our lives. Heart Rate Variability is the variance in the beat to beat intervals of our hearts and it something we can…
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Get out of your Mind and into your Body – the joy of Mindful Movement

I am a Mindful Movement Yoga Instructor but it wasn't always so. 7-years ago I would have described myself as a Fitness Instructor and then over the over the following years years my clients have heard me refer to myself as a Fitness Pilates instructor, Beginners Running Coach and Freestyle Fitness Yoga teacher. More recently…
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